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Abeer Mohammed's Burqa Collection  مجموعة براقع عبير محمد 

All Burqas displayed are original designs by Emirati Artist Abeer Mohammed. Abeer Mohammed's Burqas are art-pieces not just fashion items as she handmade, handpainted, and handcrafed all the Burqas herself.  Her Burqas are worn at private parties (Masquerades, birthdays, Eid gatherings, weddings...etc.) and fashion shows. Every Burqa has a story behind it...
 جميع تصاميم البراقع المعروضة على هذا الموقع هي مبتكره من قبل الفنانة الإماراتية عبير محمد . براقع عبير محمد قطع فنية وليست فقط أزياء حيث أنها قامت بصنع جميع البراقع يدوياً والرسم والتلوين عليها وتزيينها بنفسها . تلبس براقعها في الحفلات الخاصة ( العيد، الأفراح، ليلة الحنة، الإحتفالات...) وعروض الأزياء.  لكل برقع قصة . . .

برقع الجورية السوداء

The Black Rose Burqa


Inspiration: Victorian Gothic fashion.


The incorporation of lace, rose, and Black in “Victorian Gothic” fashion inspired me in creating this Burqa. The Black Rose is a symbol of ultimate commitment and devotion to a loved one.


Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع الجورية الإسبانية
Spanish Rose Burqa  


Inspiration: Salsa dancers


Salsa Dancers; their passionate movements, their dancing outfits, their hair accessories, and the drama of the dance itself inspired me in creating this Burqa.


Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع "ألكسندر ماكوين"
 Alexander McQueen" Burqa"


Alexander McQueen Burqa is a tribute to an artistic brilliance of a designer; Lee Alexander McQueen.


I handmade each butterfly out of black feathers. I then painted each butterfly with textile paint and acrylics.


قامت الفنانة عبير محمد بصنع الفراشات من الريش!! كما قامت بتلوين كل فراشة بألوان خاصة بالقماش وألوان الأكريليك

برقع الأميرة الصغيرة
Little Princess Burqa  


Inspiration: Classical fairy-tales’ little princesses


I adorned the classical Burqa with pearls and Swarovski crystals, transforming the Burqa from traditional to classy


Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع فلابر (العشرينيات)
Flapper Burqa  


Inspiration: The 1920s Flapper girls.


The extremely identifiable and charming look of the 20s Flappers;their “bobbed” hair, their beautiful hair accessories and head-pieces, and their distinctive fashion style inspired me in creating this Burqa.


Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع "فكتوريان"

Victorian" Burqa"


Inspiration: Victorian fashion.


The plumage hats of the Victorian era and the timeless reference of Queen Victoria’s painting in accessories inspired me in creating this Burqa.


I added Queen Victoria’s brooch to act asthe hat-pin in the Victorian era.


Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع العيد
Eid Burqa

Inspiration: Eid traditions. Muslim females adorn their hands with Henna/Mehndi drawings in preparation for the celebration of Eid (Islamic Holy celebration).Henna painting on females’ hands is one of the Islamic traditions that unite Muslims regardless of ethnic or cultural background. Muslim women and girls get very excited for getting their hands “tattooed” with Henna for Eid, to the degree that they consider their Eid incomplete without henna.This Eid tradition inspired me to decorate the Burqa with Henna/Mehndi drawings. 

Wearing golden accessories is considered the “spirit” of Eid. This inspired me to make the Burqa golden and to accessorize it with Swarovski crystals.


Price: 400 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع رويال/ملكي

Royal Burqa


Inspiration: Islamic Architecture.


I’m extremely fascinated by Islamic architecture, and I was instantly inspired by the Islamic interior designs of the famous “Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque” in creating this Burqa design. By staying true to my Islamic heritage and culture, this Burqa design radiates the art in Islamic architecture whilst blending in with the contemporary lacquered lace mask designs.


Price: 600 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع الطير

Falcon Burqa


A tribute to Cleopatra, a queen of Egypt, and a Fashion Icon.


The persistent mythology of the powerful pharaoh of Egypt,Cleopatra, from her fashion sense, endeavors to seductive style has an absolute influence on me and inspires me so much,however, the current political situation in Egypt inspired me to tie the golden falcon down to the Burqa.


Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع هالو-كتي

Hello Kitty Burqa


Inspiration: Hello Kitty,

the Cuteness Queen


Hello Kitty, Sanrio Japan's “kawaii” character, is an iconic and instantly recognizable character in the United Arab Emirates and is loved by little girls and adults. Hello Kitty taps into my nostalgia.


Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)

رقع الأسود-الملكي
 Royal-Black Burqa


Inspiration: Barque fashion 




Price: 600 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع كاتي بري

Katy Perry Burqa


Inspiration: Katy Perry,

 the Queen of Candy Fashion.



Price: 400 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع نكي ميناج

Niki Minaj Burqa


Inspiration: Niki Minaj,

the Queen of Kooky Fashion.



Price: 400 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع ليدي غاغا

Lady Gaga Burqa


Inspiration:Lady Gaga,

the Queen of Outlandish Fashion



Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)

One Burqa is all you need to look extraordinary   برقع واحد هو كل ما تحتاجين له لكي تتميزي بإطلالتكِ
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