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Abeer Mohammed's Burqa Collection  مجموعة براقع عبير محمد 

All Burqas displayed are original designs by Emirati Artist Abeer Mohammed. Abeer Mohammed's Burqas are art-pieces not just fashion items as she handmade, handpainted, and handcrafed all the Burqas herself.  Her Burqas are worn at private parties (Masquerades, birthdays, Eid gatherings, weddings...etc.) and fashion shows. Every Burqa has a story behind it...
 جميع تصاميم البراقع المعروضة على هذا الموقع هي مبتكره من قبل الفنانة الإماراتية عبير محمد . براقع عبير محمد قطع فنية وليست فقط أزياء حيث أنها قامت بصنع جميع البراقع يدوياً والرسم والتلوين عليها وتزيينها بنفسها . تلبس براقعها في الحفلات الخاصة (حفلات تنكرية، أعياد الميلاد، العيد، الأفراح...) وعروض الأزياء.  لكل برقع قصة . . .

برقع الأفعى

The Snake Burqa


The Snake Burqa design was inspired

by snake skin accessories, and would fabulously complement snake-skin

and snake-printed bags and shoes


مستوحاة من جلد الأفعى، برقع الأفعى مكمل راقي للشنط والأحذية المصنوعة من جلد الأفعى أو طبعة جلد الأفعى


Price: 300 dhs  (UAE Dirham)


برقع التمساح

The Crocodile Burqa


The Crocodile Burqa design was inspired by Crocodile skin accessories, and would fabulously complement Crocodile-skin

and Crocodile-printed bags and shoes


مستوحاة من جلد التمساح، برقع التمساح مكمل راقي للشنط والأحذية المصنوعة من جلد التمساح أو طبعة جلد التمساح


Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)


البرقع الأسود

The little Black Burqa


Inspired by Chanel.

مستوحاة من شانيل



برقع "الأميرة الصغيرة"
 little Princess" Burqa"


Inspiration: Saying: “Every girl is a princess”. The timeless elegance of a princess and the artistic balance between softness and toughness, among other qualities of a “true” princess, inspired me to use a mixture of textures (delicate lace and strong cut crochet into the shape of a crown) and pearls to make every girl feel like a princess.


“Sheikha” is Arabic for “Princess.


Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع "علم الإمارات"
 UAE-Flag Burqa

Inspiration: A poem titled “Our Flag” by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. I was instantly inspired by the poem “Our Flag” when I heard it on the radio. Before the poem was over, I found myself sketching this Burqa design celebrating the symbolic colors of the United Arab Emirate’s Flag.


Price: 300 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع الطاووس
 Peacock Burqa

The inclusion of beautiful elements from the Victorian era couture (like the use of stuffed birds, peacock feathers, sequel, and velvet) serves to add a whimsical and elegant touch to this traditional Burqa.


The peacock is incorporated not just by using the peacock per say, but also through color structure and pattern. I also added real peacock feathers.


A traditional Burqa of this size has a specific name in UAE and is called “Butola”.



Price: 700 dhs (UAE Dirham)

برقع مايكل جاكسون
 Micheal Jackson Burqa

Michael Jackson’s Burqa A tribute to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop Music and the King of Style.


I replicated Michael Jackson’s Iconic Mask and adorned it with accessories as a dedication to MJ’s fans.



Price: 700 dhs (UAE Dirham)

One Burqa is all you need to look extraordinary   برقع واحد هو كل ما تحتاجين له لكي تتميزي بإطلالتكِ
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